Cash Box Purchase Form

If you would like to purchase an ex-Yellow Bus Company/Stagecoach/NZ Bus Cashbox, please complete the form below.

Please note that we only have Cash Boxes from Swanson Depot and a very limited number from City Depot.

All proceeds are going towards restoring our buses, getting them painted and on the road. We are not for profit, and our chartiable society details are available here.

If you're having difficulty completing the form, please email [email protected].

Remaining stock*: 185

* Please note that the remaining stock is an estimate.


$45.00 (per box)


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Terms & Conditions

  • We will supply a random box. Otherwise if you request a specific box, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to check through our inventory, as this is a time consuming, and potential labour intensive process. (As mentioned, we only have Swanson Depot and a limited number of City Depot Cash Boxes)

  • The price is not negotiable; however we are open for trading bus memorabilia. Please contact us via email or Facebook to discuss further.

  • You will be emailed an invoice for payment via Direct Credit (Internet Banking) within a few days of your request being received by us. Alternatively, you can pay via cash on-site.

  • You will be provided email instructions and a contact person to organise collection once we have received payment.

  • As we are all volunteers, at times we may have a turn around speed for shipping and organising collection of up to several days and will do our best to communicate timeframes to you. Please be patient and understanding of this.

If you submit your request, you agree to the terms above.