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1956 Daimler Freeline

511 first saw service with the Auckland Transport Board (ATB) which later became Auckland Regional Authority in 1963, and based its whole service life at Onehunga Depot. The Daimler is British designed with body work by Saunders-Roe, just about the whole fleet were delivered partly knocked down an assembled by the ATB at its Manukau Road workshops. It’s original colour scheme was Lettuce Green, Deep Cream & Larch Green lining and a silver roof (later a white roof). Two of our members actually drove 511 in service in the 70s-80s, Lyle Drysdale our President and John Champness our Deputy Chair, so for them the memories are pretty real, and not surprising Lyle remembers it as only yesterday! 511’s service with the ARA came to an end on March 3rd 1982, where most of its later history becomes a mystery. Our members Lyle, David, James and Craig purchased 511 from Wayne Henry in January this year. The last recorded owner, the late Mr. Peter Fairgrave was a friend of a few of our members. It is said, he dreamed of returning 511 to its original form, that we shall do Peter, that we shall do!