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1984 MAN 15.280 Tow Truck

582 a 1984 MAN 15.280 served from new as a City Depot tow truck and has proudly been donated to the society by Ian Gordon, Fleet Manager at NZBus in Wellington. This tow truck was driven many a time by our Historian, Paul Gourley during his long service at City Depot in the workshop. On odd occasions our President, Lyle Drysdale also got behind the wheel, often when those who remain unnamed were slacking off! 582 years later was transferred to Shore Depot on Diana Drive, North Shore where it saw little use over some years. During our January whistle-stop tour at Shore Depot in 1662, the conversation was struck between a few of us that perhaps we could look into saving 582 from its likely fate, of a one-way visit to the scrap yard metal.