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1984 MAN SL200

1662 is a MAN SL200, german designed with a VOV-style body and assembled at Coachwork International (formerly Hawke Coachwork) in Takanini, South Auckland. Auckland Regional Authority’s Wiri Depot was its first home but after a year or so it was moved on to Shore Depot in Diana Drive, Glenfield where most of its service years were spent. Our Fleet Manager, David Marsden still recalls driving 1662 new, a PM shift on the old 312 route! A total of 88 were ordered by the ARA, earlier Hawke built examples (1601-1661) worked out of Onehunga and Roskill Depot, Wiri, North Shore and Orewa Depot had the later builds (1662-1688). Our 1662 shifted to Roskill Depot for a time during the Stagecoach years, before changing ownership with smaller operators as Bethleham Coaches, ABC Tours, and lastly Sounds Connections of Picton. James Peter our Secretary & Treasurer purchased 1662 (with kind donations from our members Stephen Puletaha, Henry Promin, Jeran Clarke and Bryce Pender along with the assistance of David Marsden) in July 2019 driving it up from Wellington back to its rightful home, Auckland. We look forward to taking this bus back to its ARA looks in due course.