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1994 MAN 11.190

503/210 Is a high-floor 1994 MAN 11.190 with Designline bodywork. Purchased by Stagecoach, these buses had a long life mostly in Auckland. 503 initially started her working life down in Wellington with Stagecoach. A notable feature of 4 of the early 500s (501, 502, 503 and 508) was their deeper driver's side window. After a few years 503 was sent to Auckland, to work for Cityline in Papakura. Later moving to Wiri Depot. Eventually 503 was sent to Waiheke in the 2000s. Renumbered as 210, it spent many years traveling to and from Matiatia Ferry terminal at Waiheke. That's where member, Miro Edmond-Wong first sighted 210 at a young age. Catching the bus from his family's house at Waiheke and around the island, he remembered this bus very clearly. In late 2018 Miro got into buses much more, and remembered the iconic Fullers livery. After finally finding the elusive 210 he got to work photographing her final years, sadly awaiting 210's inevitable trip to the scrapyard, or so he thought... Now in 2021 Miro and fellow member Nathaniel Ethan Engels approached James Bailey of Fullers Group Ltd. to see if they could save 210 from it's horrible fate. James Bailey honoured an agreement to donate 210 and the rest is history.