On the Buses... Memories of Yesteryear

Perhaps you drove buses for the ARA, worked on them or caught them as a passenger. If you’d like to share some of those memories, perhaps an old photograph, please get in touch at [email protected]. Written, audio or photograph recollections are welcomed and appreciated.

Robert Logan

...worked all main line routes, then outer areas, worked ex ABC routes and also ex commercial buses routes. Drove the Mercs, left when series of strikes came about, Went to Railways, was at a stop work meeting there when Tom Spiller was there, he pointed directly at me, said "Bob Logan, you are my downfall in union matters." I never had any problems either at ARA or Railways. After retiring Sept, 1989, I moved to Whangarei and drove School buses, Normans, Ghost Bus Tours, Caves Buses who sold out to Ritchies , drove for them 4 months then called it a day,was then oldest bus driver in north at 4 months short of 84 years old.


88 1/2 years. Still class 5 licence.

David Ireland

Hi, my name is David Ireland and I worked at central workshops from 1980 in Manukau Road and shifted with it to Swanson workshops. I then later transferred to City depot body shop where I worked until the layoffs in 1998. Went out on pickup jobs with Mr. Gourley from time to time and got sent out on calls by one Mr. Drysdale as well. (Good to see Lyle still going, must be pushing 100 by now, ha ha) these guys would know me as "Caveman" as that was the name I was known by, by most of the company. Gotta say I loved those days.

Karen van Golstein

My dad was a Bus inspector at May Rd, he then moved to the kiosk in New Lynn Bus Depot...His name was Harry Hermanson. Here he is in his Uniform 💖

Steve Barrack

I have been on the job for 40 years and spent my first year driving trolley busses it was a great first year, the 305 Merc were smooth, quick and easy to manouver with many a happy year behind the wheel, having said that I did beat a Merc up Khyber pass in an old Bedford Vam repowered with an Isuzu motor magic. I enjoyed my time as well for about four years on pre-selects Leylands and Daimlers. The Peanuts with the first numbered 1001 coinsided with the Eta peanut add claiming there were 1001 peanuts in every bag of Eta peanuts. They were a quick bus on a charter but lost speed considerably when faced with a hill so they didn't last long on urban work. We were lucky at Wiri depot as we inherited the 500 series MAN's ex Wellington that were turbo charged 502 and 510 were at times my run buses a little rattly but the best bus in my time here.