Our Plan

We are looking for notable kiwi’s, businesses or individuals who can provide guidance, sponsorship and support for our ideas. The idea is to create a static display of our fleet for all to enjoy and reminisce, this is all in due course as all good things take time. Auckland's heritage is important, we would like to look back on the past and bring some of those nostalgic memories back to life!

A Working Plan

It is our intention to establish pathways toward successful grants, sponsoring and general donations. A key element to achieving our goals would be the involvement of people, for we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap into not only from our members but also from the wider bus and coach industry. We believe the interest is out there, if you would like to help us please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Future, Long Term Vision

New Zealand has long been a nation of bus traveling people, from our early days to the present. People started new lives traveling to all corners of our country, many of these journeys would involve the use of a bus. Trips away on holiday, to work, school or university, we have all used buses and continue to do so. We believe that there is potential to establish a New Zealand National Bus & Coach Museum to pay homage to our colourful and interesting transport past. Sure it's a big idea and would require serious thought, time and consideration let alone funding. It is a long term vision not for today but one for tomorrow. Looking into our past is important, for that past charters our future. You could say, from the city streets to the long and winding roads that span across New Zealand, the humble bus has carried us all to where we stand today.